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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Abortion is REALLY about.

Here we see a "Pro-Choice", "Family Planning" group explaining how their abortion services "help" women and how there is only "love" at the Northland Family Planning Centers.
Juxtapose this woman from Northland with a video of what REALLY HAPPENS in AN ABORTION MILL.                          

                                        WARNING: NOT SUITABLE 
                     FOR SMALL CHILDREN
Any clear thinking person want to defend this barbaric “choice?”.  Actually, don’t even bother. After seeing this, I’m not in the mood to deal with all the illogical and anti-science arguments from the side of “choice”.
Wake up people to the reality behind the rhetoric. When innocent human life is at stake in the magnitude it is with abortion, how dare anyone hide behind meaningless slogans and arguments that lack any logical substance. Choices have consequences. According to “pro-choice” thinking, this is an acceptable consequence of choice? That’s just sick.

I recall reading how the men and women who ran the Nazi extermination camps also viewed themselves as good men and women doing important work for the betterment of society.

The Taliban brutalizes and murders women to better society. They don’t see themselves as abusers and murderers.
Stoning a woman in Iran is a moral necessity to deter adultery.

Then there’s the suicide bombers who will take several innocent lives with them. Murder? Certainly not. Its all for a higher moral purpose.
Why should this woman from the Northland abortion clinic surprise us? She certainly has plenty of company.

I am truly and utterly shocked… One thing is to think about abortion and see some photos, quite the other – to watch a video like that. Like many of you, I couldn’t watch it all, just some…
However hard the pro-abortionists fight and “defend” womens’ rights, it’s clear as day that one essential right has been denied to a child – a right to LIFE! Sure women have rights that need defending from time to time, but NONE of these rights include a voluntary and torturous killing of another human being! And they are also not denied their own right to LIFE… Yet, they’re determined to deny it to their own children….

“ALL men are created EQUAL, and endowed by their Creator with the INALIENABLE right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. NOW THAT was an Original Idea !”


Monday, November 29, 2010

This 2 year Federal Employee Pay Freeze=Bad Policy.

Today, Obama proposed Freezing the Pay of all Federal Employees for 2 yrs.

This is a horrible policy. It won't even put a dent in the deficit (2 billion/yr). Big deal.

Meanwhile, working class people get SCREWED again.

Obama is in bed with Wall Street Bankers. Federal employees salaries should be getting RAISED not frozen. The Federal Govt. needs to set the example to the private sector employers. That example should mean a DECENT INCREASE in wages for the people who really are the backbone of this economy, the AVERAGE WORKER. Why not get rid of the waste and abuse FIRST before punishing the Middle Class. There is over 1 trillion dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse in Washington. CUT THE WASTE BEFORE PUNISHING THE MIDDLE CLASS.

Every time I turn around, the middle class are getting the short end of the stick, while the millionaires get richer.  It is very easy for Obama and his Wall St. Banker MILLIONAIRES to sit on their high horse and brazenly call for a freeze to all Federal employees.  These are middle class workers, not rich Wall St. bankers.  How is the economy going to come back if your income stays stagnant, while the cost of College, Food, Energy keeps rising faster and faster.  Why not propose something bold Obama?  How about a FREEZE on College Tuition costs for 5 or even 10yrs??

I thought Obama was for the middle class.  It is clear that Obama is in bed with the FAT WALL ST. BANKERS.  He does not give a darn about the middle class.  In fact, most politicians do not care about the middle class.  They are ALL millionaires.  They have made theirs and could care less about your pain.  Make no mistake about it.  All of us should say NO to the deficit hawks who just want to screw you either by increasing the age you can collect Social Security or by freezing your pay, or some other cut to SCREW YOU.

 My answer to my Congressman.   CUT THE WASTE NOT MY MONEY!!!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Last Sat. John Tyner wanted to travel from an Airport in San Diego and objected to going through the TSA'S new porn body scanner.  He objected as well to being physically groped by TSA agents.  He also recorded it on his cell phone and it went viral.  John Tyner was everywhere on all the networks, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

John Tyner is RIGHT.  The 4th amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures.  Just because the Government is doing it, doesn't make it right.  The TSA has to follow the same Constitution as we do.  Period.
This is not about "safety", it's about my Constitutional rights.  We cannot voluntarily give these up.  If we do, we become closer to a Police State.  WE DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A POLICE STATE.

We as Americans need to say NO to this INVASION of Privacy. This is a BLATANT VIOLATION of our 4th amendment rights. Don't buy the false argument of doing it for "safety". The underwear bomber was caught by passengers, NOT the TSA. It is high time that ...we quit allowing groping and porn scanners and random searches of nuns and babies. The only one who should be searched is the Exchange student from Yemen or the like, NOT little old ladies or babies.  Search someone who does not answer questions about their travel appropriately.  We know what the would be Terrorist looks like (middle eastern, Muslim, traveling without his family, etc.) Thank you John Tyner.

Continue the fight against tyranny and fascism.  Call your Congressman and Senator to voice your opposition to this violation of your 4th amendment.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Republicans won 60+ seats in the House and about 6 seats in the Senate this year.  However, they almost lost a crucial Senate seat in Pennsylvania.  The Democrat Joe Sestak almost beat Pat Toomey, even though Toomey was up big in the polls.  Toomey won, but just barely.  Why was it so close?
One answer:  Free Trade.
Pennsylvania has lost THOUSANDS of jobs to China, India, Mexico.  Good paying Manufacturing Jobs have left the State, and MANY other States all over the USA.  I am talking about USA Companies, that wanted to get Cheap Labor, so they closed up their plants/factories here and opened them up overseas.

Joe Sestak ran a 30 second ad just before the election, displaying the fact that these jobs went overseas and that he would "Fight" for Pennsylvania to get them back.  His ad almost worked.

I am not sure how Toomey feels about NAFTA, GATT, or outsourcing in general, but if Republicans like him want to win big in 2012, they need to be out front on this issue, being AGAINST OUTSOURCING, AGAINST NAFTA, GATT and FOR TARIFFS, especially on products coming from Third world Countries like China and India.

According to a recent Wall St. Journal poll, Americans of ALL INCOME brackets believe that FREE TRADE has HURT the USA economy. 

This is a NO BRAINER to me.  If Republicans want to win the Presidency, the Senate, and keep a majority in the House, they need to be the ones OUT IN FRONT AGAINST OUTSOURCING JOBS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

How can one really argue for outsourcing anyway.  It is anti-patriotic.  It is anti-USA.  We need to place high Tariffs on these imported goods, while at the same time giving tax breaks, even subsidies to companies that hire USA workers and pay them well above the minimum wage. 

With 10-15% unemployment, IT IS HIGH TIME TO BE FOR THE US WORKER.

So Republicans, take the LEAD and make a special announcement speaking out against outsourcing and for bringing back manufacturing, along with customer service telephone jobs BACK TO THE USA.  After the announcement, back it up with actual policy (i.e. Tariffs, fines for companies that outsource, tax breaks for companies that keep work here in the USA).


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mark Kirk is a TRAITOR!

Mark Kirk tells China "Do not trust the USA".  He is a TRAITOR.  He should NEVER be elected as an Illinois Senator.  Watch this.

Mark KIRK is Liar.  He voted for CAP AND TRADE which would mean MILLIONS of JOBS in the Oil, Gas, Coal, Energy industry GONE.  Kirk gets F rating from NRA,is PRO ABORTION, and uses fear mongering stereotypes!  Kirk is Pro Gay, Anti-Family and Anti-Religious Freedoms.   Kirk is proud of  his costly expansion of "war on terror", and badmouthing the US to Chinese to tarnish US economic credibility. He's a traitor and liar, phony finger pointing RINO!  He LIES about being for low taxes, balanced budgets and responsibility!  Kirk voted himself a FAT PAY RAISE WHILE being AGAINST increasing the Minimum Wage for the Poorest of workers.   Kirk has been the CHAMPION on Outsourcing Jobs to low wage countries likie China.  As far as he is concerned, if it can be made in China then let it be made there.  He CARES NOTHING ABOUT USA JOBS.  PERIOD.  Watch this as well.

Illinois Voters. This Nov. 2nd.  Do NOT vote for Mark Kirk. 


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Speech Against Gays IS Protected under 1rst Amendment.

Last week, quite a ruckus arose when a School Board member in Arkansas said some things on his Facebook page that were considered hateful, by some, MAINLY LIBERAL people in the Media, like Anderson Cooper.  On CNN, Anderson Cooper pretty much used most of his program to make a point about this man.  He called him a bully, a hater of Gays, shameful, blah blah blah.  Anderson Cooper then was shocked to learn that this man could not be fired, but had to be removed by the people of the State, who ELECTED him.  Cooper called for this man to resign, as "He cannot be allowed to continue to teach our kids with these kinds of thoughts".  That is pretty much what Cooper and MOST FASCIST LIBERALS think.

You see, a Fascist Liberal (i.e., Cooper, Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Biden, etc..) think that this kind of speech should be classified as "Hate Speech" and therefore this man MUST PAY, somehow, someway.

Now I do not think that his speech about being glad that Gays die because of Aids is right.  It is unloving and unkind, BUT IT IS ALLOWED UNDER THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!
You may not like the speech, but it is this Freedom of Speech, the MOST important (i.e. 1rst amendment) in our Constitution.
But Fascist Liberals want you to PAY for your "Hate Speech".  They want you to either be fired, pay a hefty fine, or go to jail.  They really want to send you to jail.

Since when did your own personal CHOICE of choosing a perverted lifestyle become the sacred cow that we can't talk against for fear of retribution?  A person who CHOOSES a perverted lifestyle should not have special rights.  On daytime TV, Christians, Hillbillies, Fat people, Short people, are regularly made fun of and its laughed at as being OK.  BUT GOD FORBID YOU LAUGH AT A GAY PERSON.  Then it's off to the gallows for you (if Fascist Liberals have their way).

This is the like the movie/book 1984.  You remember that book right?  The book is about the Government punishing you for your THOUGHTS, if they did not agree with theirs.


It is these Fascist Liberals that we the people need to throw out of office this Nov. 2nd.
This is MOST important so that we can continue to practice our Freedom of Speech.

If too many Fascist Liberals get into Congress and then, even worse into the Supreme Court, you can say hello to the thought police and goodbye to Freedom of Speech.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here is what the Crazy Eco-Terrorists/Green/Environmentalists REALLY think of you who disagree with the Global warming propaganda.
WARNING:  This is NOT for kids.